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Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College

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Ofsted report

Food to PlateWe are tremendously proud to have been recognised by Ofsted as a school where students achieve good results and are well prepared for the next step in their careers. It is credit to the hard work and dedication of all members of the College community that we received this affirmation of our continued success.

I am delighted to report that the inspectors were hugely impressed with many aspects of our work.  They noted that the behaviour of our students is outstanding, that they are mature, polite and courteous in their dealings with adults and other students and that they are eager to learn.  They found that literacy and communication skills are strong among students of all ages.  Students read fluently, write well, spell accurately, answer questions clearly and are articulate during discussions.

From lesson observations, inspectors found that the quality of teaching across the College is good.  They were impressed with teachers' subject knowledge and their ability to use different approaches to make learning interesting and memorable.  They noted that teachers also set a very positive atmosphere in lessons and that students do not feel at all intimidated.  Their overall conclusion was that Thurston Community College is a good school which is well led and managed.  At the end of their schooling at Thurston, almost all students move into further or higher education or into apprenticeships or directly into employment.

The Ofsted judgements served to reinforce our own self-evaluation of areas where the College can still improve.  In particular, we want the achievement of our students to be outstanding, not just good!  We have made great strides in recent years to intensify our culture of attainment and to encourage our students to aspire to be the best they can be. 

The Ofsted report highlights many good qualities of the College, including the enormous range of opportunities available to our students and the exceptional care, guidance and support they receive.