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2nd October 2014

Welcome to all our new students!

We have now completed all our settling in events for our new year groups. It was lovely to see so many parents and to get such good feedback on the transition from middle schools. It was a huge challenge and privilege to be entrusted with the education of 930 new pupils this year. We invested a huge amount in providing new facilities for our extra pupils and are delighted with how well they are being used.

Transition for Y6 in 2015

While the Schools Organisation Review to a two-tier structure has been formally completed in our area, the work of the Thurston Partnership continues. Transition work for year 6 in 2015 has already begun. As we explained at our very well attended open evening last month, Thurston Community College has appointed two transition coordinators whose role will be to liaise between the primary schools and the College to ensure that year 6 pupils are fully prepared to transfer to the College next September. Graham Chubb and Kelly Allcock have each adopted 8 of the Thurston Partnership primary schools and they will become familiar faces over the next few months.

We have several events planned that will allow year 6 pupils to visit the College and become comfortable with the place and its students and teachers. One of these will be our Christmas Concert on 5th December. Year 6 pupils are invited for a Christmas lunch in the Thurston Community College dining room followed by an afternoon of singing and readings. We are really looking forward to it!