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Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College

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Thurston Young Carers

What is a Young Carer?

A Young Carer is somebody aged between 9 and 15 years old who cares for, or is affected by, a family member who has:

  • A physical disability
  • A long-term physical illness
  • A mental health problem
  • A problem with the misuse of drugs or alcohol

What is a Young Adult Carer?

A Young Adult Carer is somebody aged between 16 -25 years old who would be classified under the same criteria as a young carer.

When do we meet?

Thurston Young Carers

Thurston Young Adult Carers

Who to Contact?

Miss Rachel Truscott: rachel.truscott@thurstoncollege.suffolk.sch.uk

Miss Booth: robyn.booth@thurstoncollege.suffolk.sch.uk

Mr Mick Harkin: mick.harkin@thurstoncollege.suffolk.sch.uk

Suffolk Young Carers:www.suffolkfamilycarers.org/young-carers.html