Thurston Community College

Art Curriculum

Intent of Art

The aim of our curriculum for Art and Design is to ensure that all students are given a good grounding in the essential skills and disciplines our subject has to offer, with an opportunity to explore both 2D and 3D ways of working in order to meet the expectations set out in the national curriculum. It is also designed to ensure that as students progress through Years 7, 8 and 9 their understanding of artists, designers, art from other cultures and art practices grows and develops, so that by the end of Year 9 (in readiness for GCSE) they are confident and independent practitioners who are able to take creative risks with materials and processes.

We believe that art allows students to learn skills for the wider world. Visual communication and visual literacy are key components of our curriculum. We challenge their perceptions of what art is and its place in society and how it can be used as a tool for social change. Our curriculum is based on a broad and diverse range of artists and art practices. This enables all students to feel included and be successful in their artistic endeavours, creating a sense of purpose towards the production of beautiful work.

Threads of powerful knowledge in Art

 Art involves a set of general themes that provide the basis for:

  1. Visual communication
  2. Technical skill
  3. The ability to reflect, problem solve and to be curious about the world
  4. Self expression through making and doing and personal decision making - students plan their own journey
  5. A knowledge of art and art practices - its place and purpose in society. Making connections between the classroom and the world of work - employability and transferable skills

Cultural reading and enrichment in Art

  • Educational visits to enhance art experience across all key stages
  • Reading takes place across artist research at all key stages, this gives students the context of artworks and their place in history
  • Visual reading of artworks and analysing pieces
  • Staff to promote reading of art books for pleasure - 'Mr H's favourite art book is'.

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