Thurston Community College

Attitude to Learning

Developing the right mindset is crucial for a successful, happy life.

When students learn that putting in effort and using the right strategies can help them get better at things, they feel empowered, and try harder. 

When they know their brains are capable of growing, they are more confidentresilient, and are not afraid to fail!

We all have beliefs about our own abilities and potential. These beliefs are part of our mindset, they drive our attitudes, which are so powerful they can fuel our behaviour and predict our success. 

 To support the development of the right attitude, we have a five point framework

  • Outstanding Learner
  • Motivated Learner
  • Engaged Learner
  • Passive Learner
  • Reluctant Learner

Teachers will assess where they believe a student to be across three key areas:

  • Learning Attitude
  • Quality of Work
  • Independent Learning  

This grade will then be shared with the student and parents/ carers.  The Year Leader and Academic Tutor will use the information to support and encourage good learning behaviours.