Thurston Community College

Computing and ICT Curriculum

Intent of Computing and ICT

Our aim is to develop students' skills and abilities in the diverse subject of Computing and ICT, to allow them to play an active role as citizens of the 21st Century. Digital is everywhere and has driven a paradigm shift in how society is structured and controlled - today’s students will need to be highly skilled autonomous, resilient problem solvers able to direct and influence their own life story.

Threads of powerful knowledge in Computing and ICT

Computing and ICT involves a set of general themes that provide the basis for:

  • Student autonomy and independence
  • Problem solving
  • Self-starter
  • Creativity
  • Computational thinking
  • Systems life cycle

Computing and ICT involves a set of general curriculum standards that provide the basis for:

  • Computer science: problem solving with computational thinking using coding
  • Digital literacy: advanced use of software tools: spreadsheet, DBMS, graphics, multimedia, etc
  • IT: how a computer works
  • Cyber wisdom/e safety 

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