Thurston Community College

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team represents the student voice at the highest level in the College. They meet once a week to discuss a range of issues affecting students. Each Academic Tutor group has a Year Council representative who attends the weekly Year Council meetings. Representatives from the Year Council from across years 7-11 then attend the Student Leadership Team meeting. This makes sure that there is a clear flow of information to and from all students in our College. The Student Leadership Team also presents regular assemblies to each of our five year groups to update on progress.

The Student Leadership Team responds to issues raised by the students and work hard to bring about changes. Recently these have included: reducing the amount of litter around the College and encouraging students to take responsibility for their environment; meeting with College Leaders and Catering contractors to expand and develop the range of food on offer as well as making clearer provision for food allergy sufferers with improved food labelling; improving social spaces and areas for students to use at breaktime and lunchtimes.

During this academic year, the Sixth Form Student Union will be supporting the Lower and Upper School Councils with their work. They will also be providing Ambassadors to support the development of our Peer Mentoring Programme. This will begin with training Anti Bullying Peer Mentors.