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Student CouncilThe Student Leadership Team consists of the Chair and Vice Chairs.  They co-ordinate the ambassadors and set and circulate the agendas.

The Pastoral Ambassadors host the Year meetings, as well as try to share good practices and encourage intra-form activities.  They also enlist the help of Year teams in charity events and gather student voice on the effectiveness of tutoring.

The Department Ambassadors look to share good practices around departments by gathering student voice through the department representatives.  They also co-ordinate department student voice in holding student panel interviews with prospective internal and external appointments.

The Communication Ambassadors are working on setting up social networking to raise the Student Leadership Team profile and have begun work on a student voice notice board.  They ensure the College website on student voice is regularly updated.

The Charity Ambassadors nominate different charities for each half term and publicise this throughout the school, to parents and the public.  They then co-ordinate the ‘Charity Days’, including the preceding assemblies, and liaise with the charities in getting information, resources and PR.