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Student CouncilThe College Council represents the student voice at the highest level in the College. They meet once a week to discuss a range of issues affecting students.  Each Academic Tutor group has a Year Council representative who attends the weekly Year Council meetings.  Representatives from the Year Council from across years 7-11 then attend the College Council.  This makes sure that there is a clear flow of information to and from all students in our College.  The College Council also presents regular assemblies to each of our five year groups to update on progress.

The College Council responds to issues raised by the students and work hard to bring about changes.  Recently these have included: reducing the amount of litter around the College and encouraging students to take responsibility for their environment; reducing congestion on corridors by introducing signage to promote walking on the left; meeting with College Leaders and Catering contractors to expand and develop the range of food on offer as well as making clearer provision for food allergy sufferers with improved food labelling; improving social spaces and areas for students to use and breaktime and lunchtimes.

The College Council is also responsible for organising our charity days; this year alone they have enabled students to raise over £3000 for a number of different local and national charities including: Children with Cancer Group, World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Asthma UK, BBC Children in Need and Age UK.

The Student Council welcomes student volunteers who would like to join the meetings to help the Council meet all its goals.

If you would like to join the Student Council please see Mr Chubb: Assistant Principal Year Leader.

The Student Council welcome your suggestions:


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