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Year 11

Assistant Principal Year Leader: Mrs Rebecca Harper
Assistant Year Leader: Ms Myfanwy Cooper
Support Officers: Mrs Jane Cooper and Ms Bonnie Taylor





'Stay Connected' booklets have been put together to support learning during a short-term absence (ie - 14 day isolation).  The activities have been planned by subject teachers in order to provide students with the opportunity to practice important knowledge and skill.  

PDF icon  Year 11 'Stay Connected' Booklet


'The Journal' is a fortnightly publication for Year 11, which will act as a means of communication between the College, students, and parents/carers.

PDF icon  The Journal Issue One - 21 October 2020

PDF icon  The Journal Issue Two - 11 November 2020

PDF icon The Journal Issue Three - 25 November 2020

PDF icon The Journal Issue Four - 09 December 2020

PDF icon The Journal Issue Five - 06 January 2021


Mock Exams will take place across two weeks.  Mock Week One - Monday 7 December to Friday 11 December; Mock Week Two - Monday 11 January to Friday 15 January.  The below guide has been designed to help students make the very most of Mock Exams.  It covers study and revision in school, study at home, getting yourself organised and looking after yourself.

PDF icon A Guide to Revision & Exam Preparation for Year 11