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The Thurston Partnership includes Thurston Community College and all 13 primary schools in its catchment area. The purpose of the Thurston Partnership is to provide and improved education for all children and young people in the Thurston area. The schools are committed to working together to improve the attainment, progress and experience of school for all children. All Partnership schools agree that our aims can be achieved by working together and supporting and learning from each other.

Thurston Partnership schools share these aims:

  • To raise the aspirations of all learners;
  • To raise attainment in the Thurston area to match or exceed the best;
  • To seek out best practice to develop new approaches to raising achievement;
  • To develop an ethos of success and achievement among all learners, parents, staff and the wider community;
  • To keep our schools rooted in their communities, with each retaining its distinctive identity and ethos; and
  • To build relationships of trust and cooperation between schools. 

The members of the Thurston Partnership are listed below. You can find out more about each school by clicking on the link to its website.


Barnham CEVC Primary School Barningham CEVC Primary School

Cockfield CEVC Primary School

Elmswell Community Primary School Great Barton CE Primary Academy

Honington CEVC Primary School

Hopton CEVC Primary School

Norton CEVC Primary School

Rattlesden CE Primary Academy

Stanton Community Primary School

Thurston CE Primary Academy Thurston Community College

Walsham-le-Willows CEVC Primary School

Woolpit Primary Academy  

Transition for Year 6 in 2021-2022

The deadline for applying for a secondary school place for September 2021 was 31 October 2021 and places were confirmed on 1 March 2022. We will work with all year 6 pupils to ensure that their transition to secondary education - whatever schools they choose - will be as smooth as possible. 

In the autumn term, pupils in our Partnership schools are invited to visit Thurston Community College to begin the process of feeling comfortable in a secondary environment. After Christmas, we hope many pupils will attend our "Tuesday Club" where they will have the opportunity to take part in some extra-curricular activities and get used to our building, teachers and older students. Our transition coordinators, will also visit schools after places are confirmed to talk to the Year 6 pupils about their hopes and fears and explain some of the ways in which we will help them make this next big step in their education.