Thurston Community College

Sixth Form Dress Code

Students at Thurston Sixth: Beyton Campus are not expected to wear a uniform. However, we do expect students to dress in a manner appropriate to a professional working environment. Our dress code is smart casual.

  • Clothes should be clean and untorn
  • T-shirts are acceptable providing they do not contain an offensive slogan
  • Hemlines are expected to be closer to the knee than the bottom
  • Shorts are acceptable providing that they are tailored (no board shorts/hot pants) and adhere to the hemline expectation
  • Underwear should be covered
  • Bare midriffs/shoulders are not permitted
  • Clothing should not be transparent
  • Jewellery and piercings are acceptable providing that a health and safety risk is not posed and should be removed without question if asked
  • Outdoor jackets and hats should not be worn in the building

Students dressed inappropriately will be requested to refer to the dress code to ensure that subsequent dress is acceptable. Persistent disregard of the dress code will lead to sanction under the behaviour policy.