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Have you heard about our Pre Loved Uniform Shop?

Affordable pre loved uniform is available courtesy of the Friends of Thurston College. Items cost only £2.50 with the exception of hoodies and jumpers which are priced at £5 each. All proceeds go to the Friends of Thurston College. For more information, email

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Our uniform has been developed through consultation with students, parents, staff and Governors.

We have tried to keep the uniform as simple as possible, as we understand that buying uniform for students is not always a simple task. If you are unsure about any aspect of the uniform please contact your Year Leader to clarify before you buy uniform items.

All students in Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are required to wear College uniform which is available from Aubyn Davies and

A uniform grant is available for students joining Thurston Community College in Year 7 who are entitled to Free School Meals.  This can be applied for by completing this google form.  

Please note that applications received after Friday 7 July 2023 may not be processed until College returns in September.

Uniform assistance may be available if your child is in Years 8-11, if you are currently claiming Free School Meals and are experiencing hardship. In this instance please contact your child's Year Leader or Head of School for further information.  

We also have a second hand uniform shop.  Please contact the main reception for further information and current uniform available.  

Members of the Sixth Form are expected to wear smart casual clothes.

Useful Documents

Aubyn Davies - Back to School Trading

Aubyn Davies - How To Measure for School Uniform

Aubyn Davies - Size Guide TablesSchool Shoes ExamplesVisit the Policies page to see our Uniform Policy

Lost Property

In order to try to match lost property with rightful owners and to find lost belongings, all lost property is collected and stored securely.  Please telephone, or ask your child to come to Student Reception, as soon as you know something is missing, so that we can help students to locate the item if it is in lost property.

We would be most grateful if you could ensure that everything is marked with the student’s name including trainers and PE clothing. All named items of clothing or equipment is immediately returned directly to the student.

Clothing : Most college uniform is now made with a name tag to complete – please do so. If you do not have name tapes, write initials or name in biro or indelible ink on the maker’s label or washing instructions or on the inside of a shoe.

Equipment : A sticky label or initials painted on in nail polish, white correction fluid or felt pens helps to identify equipment.

We are sure you will appreciate that students often have identical equipment and that College uniform clothing all looks much the same.  Students may think they will recognize their jumper, but reception staff need to be able to read a name tag in order to return it to its rightful owner.

Un-named lost property will be kept in College until the end of term, when it will be displayed. All old items of lost property that are not claimed, aside from items lost during the Summer term, will be disposed of in a suitable manner. Please urge your child to ask immediately if they have lost something. The system will only work efficiently if you support us by ensuring that your child’s belongings are clearly marked with their name