Thurston Community College

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is an integral part of life at Thurston Community College. Our Student Leadership team consists of over 140 students on the Thurston campus and 20 students at our Beyton campus.

On the Thurston campus the Student Leadership team is made up of several smaller teams that include student voice, Wellbeing Ambassadors and our senior Student Leaders. Each year students get the opportunity to apply for a Student Leadership role and each year students have the opportunity to vote for their Student Principal following the Student Principal campaigns.

On our Beyton campus our students are part of a Student Union (SU) who meet regularly to discuss key topics and organise fun events for the campus. 

Our students are at the centre of what we do here at Thurston Community College and the Student Leadership Team are a big part of ensuring every student has a voice whilst helping us to continually develop and push our college forward.

Welcome from our Student Principals

As the Student Principals here at Thurston Community College, we would like to welcome you to our school. Thurston Community College is a place where students are able to learn and develop to the best of our abilities over our time here. We are greatly supported by the staff and have a real sense of community. We believe that with the introduction of the new Student Leadership team to our school it is going to have a real positive impact on the way of life at Thurston, and give many opportunities for students to get involved in a broad range of areas and develop skills outside of the classroom.

Student leadership is a fantastic opportunity for students to take responsibility and make the change they and other students desire to have within their everyday workspace. We work in different key aspects ranging anywhere from the introduction of a new house system and wellbeing ambassadors to our very own student news team, to make Thurston Community College the most welcoming place for students as possible. Students have a real voice and feel heard and listened to. Each year group is represented on the student leadership team and we work closely with staff and students to identify any issues and improvements that can be made throughout the school to create a great learning environment for everyone. 

Amelia & Taylor
Student Principals 

Student Leadership Prospectus 2024

What You Said What we Did

Student Principal Reveal 2023

Our students have spoken, and their very first Student Principals have officially been elected. Press play to find out more!

The student leadership team is something where your ideas and ambitions have the possibility to become reality. Speaking from experience as a member of the Student News Team I would have to say that I have almost certainly developed communication skills and confidence that I never thought would be achievable. There are also a wide range of roles that can be suited to your personality. Whether you want to be someone on the big screens you see around the school or someone who wants to be behind the scenes, holding the camera. Either way, I truly believe the student leadership team offers something to everyone and it will really help you to grow and accomplish things that you never thought would be possible.

George - Year 9