Thurston Community College

Travel Information

Walking to School

Pedestrians need to be aware of all forms of traffic on busy highways. Wear bright clothing, particularly during the darker mornings and evenings. Use of reflector armbands is highly recommended.


Students who bring cycles to College must leave them in the cycle racks. They should be padlocked and post coded is recommended.  In the interests of safety, we advise the use of cycle helmet, lights and reflectors. Students who bring cycles onto the College site do so entirely at their own risk.


Students who wish to bring a motorcycle to College may apply to their Year Leader or Head of Sixth Form.

Students who bring motor cycles onto the College site do so entirely at their own risk.


Parents should use the College rear car park when dropping off or collecting students at the beginning and end of the day, thus ensuring the safety of all students.

All cars owners who bring their vehicles onto the College site do so entirely at their own risk.


Free concessionary transport to and from College is provided by Suffolk County Council for students living in the designated catchment area. For more detailed information please contact County Transport for Schools call centre on 0345 606 6067. 

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Bus Passes

College buses and bus passes are administered by County Transport for Schools, telephone 0345 606 6067. In the first instance, inquiries should be made directly to them.

Visit Suffolk On Board to Apply For a Bus Pass

Morning bus journeys

Students must arrive in plenty of time for the bus at their picking-up point. By way of a guide County Transport recommend a student arrives 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  Students who miss their bus must make alternative arrangements to attend College and must report to Student Reception for registration upon arrival.  If the designated bus does not arrive within a ‘reasonable’ time students should return home and, if possible, make alternative arrangements to get to College. County Transport recommend a student waits 20 minutes before returning home, however each circumstance is unique to the individual child and parents are advised to talk with their child about the right course of action to take if a bus does not arrive at approximately the designated time. 

Afternoon bus journeys

If, for any reason, a student's bus is delayed or students miss their bus, they should report to Student Reception, where they will be able to contact parents/carers, to advise them of the delay.  The College will ensure students are supervised until the delayed bus has departed.  

In the event of a delayed bus after leaving the College site - please call 0345 606 6067. 

Daily Bus Routes

Please click the here for the latest Suffolk Onboard information


Students are required to purchase a ticket before boarding a train or on the train from the conductor. In view of safety whilst waiting for the train and during the train journey, all students must behave in a responsible manner.

When crossing railway lines students are to remain alert; listening and looking for high speed trains.

Late Buses

The College provides four Late Buses on each of the following nights of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Late Buses can be used free of charge by any student attending Thurston Community College.

The Late Buses leave the front car parks of Thurston Sixth; Beyton Campus at 16:35 and Thurston Campus at 16:45. 

These buses are funded by the College to enable our Main School and Sixth Form students to access our wide range of Enrichment Clubs. 

Late Bus Routes

Each bus is numbered with a late bus route number. When getting on to the bus students should tell the driver the stop at which they need to alight.

If, for any reason, a bus is delayed or  a student misses their bus, please can they report to Student Reception, where they will be able to contact parents/carers, to advise them of the delay.  The College will ensure students are supervised until the delayed bus has departed.

Each Late Bus provides a specific route with designated bus stops, some remote village stops are 'stop on request'.  Students must inform the driver of the stop they require, in particular with regard to the 'stop on request' villages.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their parent/carer is informed they are travelling home using the Late Bus so that parents/carers can arrange to meet their child at their destination point.

Late Bus Routes

Travel to/From Thurston Sixth Beyton Campus

Thurston Sixth; Beyton Campus is located just off the A14 and is served by Suffolk County Council's school buses, as well as public bus services from Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket.

In addition a free shuttle bus runs from Thurston train station to the Beyton Campus.

Post 16 Discretionary Travel

Suffolk County Council offer a subsidised travel scheme to students aged 16 to 19, known as Post 16 Discretionary Travel Policy. Students who are offered post 16 discretionary transport will have to make a payment towards the cost each term. This charge represents a contribution towards the cost, Suffolk County Council will meet the balance.

Post 16 Discretionary Travel is offered to a choice of either the student's nearest Sixth Form centre or their nearest post 16 centre which is over 3 miles from their home address.

Post 16 Discretionary Travel Applications must be made directly to Suffolk County Transport,