Thurston Community College

Sociology Curriculum

Intent of Sociology 

The mission of Sociology  within the Social Sciences department is in preparation for students' A level, to engage all students in a evidence based journey as a sociologist, in order to acquire knowledge regarding society  and human behaviour through the delivery of a challenging yet engaging relevant curriculum which is designed to contribute to the development of each student as a whole individual, with a keen awareness of human behaviour and its implications for society. 

Opportunities will be given in  KS5 to explore career links with the subject matter. They will understand the role of Sociologists in the world of work and how they can apply their understanding to roles in the wider community beyond the classroom. 

Threads of powerful knowledge in Sociology 

Sociology  involves a set of general themes that provide the basis for:

    1. Understanding of the comparative importance of society and the individual in all debates 
    2. Understanding the diversity and similarities between individuals and groups including sub-cultures
  • Understanding from different perspectives  how society’s institutions; relationships and roles work

Cultural reading and enrichment in Sociology 

  • KS5 Sociology Review 
  • KS5 Regular use of current news publications to provide up to date examples 
  • Visit to Criminology Conference at Emmanuel Centre London